Health Services Management Apprentice

As a health services management apprentice, you will provide administrative support to the entire hospital staff. This includes completing various forms, researching publications, drafting and typing letters and completing reports. In an Air Force medical facility, there are a number of areas that you may be working, such as personnel and administration, resource management, medical readiness and office areas dealing directly with patient care. Some of the specific tasks you may be asked to perform include initiating, maintaining, filing and safeguarding inpatient and outpatient medical records. You will interview patients for admission and discharge purposes, verify their eligibility for medical benefits and assist in providing for patient accommodations on the inpatient unit. You will utilize medical computer systems to prepare written correspondence and operate programs concerning staffing, budgeting, patient scheduling and accounting. You will also collect and account for charges for hospitalization, maintain patients' valuables and assist in arranging for aero medical evacuation or medical care from civilian sources. PAY CHART

CCAF Degrees:
Healthcare Management
Tech Schools:
Sheppard AFB, TX

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